CAD Librarian Part Management and Symbol/Footprint Creation

•  Why it is better to use a librarian instead of each designer making their own parts.
Answer--SOS   standardize-organize-simplify your CAD library
•  Let us be your company librarian. We can organize your CAD libraries
•  Symbols in Orcad, Pads Logic, and P-cad
•  Footprints from master libraries made for you in Pads, Ocad, Allegro,  P-cad,  Other CAD formats

How it works - Order by Email. "Library Part Request" We will acknowledge your request.
•  1) Send us the data sheet,
2) identify the package,
3) set the priority. (low-med-high-urgent)

•  Low -“project in near future”
•  Med -“ working on Schematic”
•  High- “currently in layout”
•  Urgent- “ the board is about to go out the door and I need to make a change”

Tools we use and why
•  Make the Symbol the way you want it to look (pin out)
•  Footprint made to IPC standards with proven factory yield results.
•  Use proven tools and DFM experience with many factories,  both US and overseas.
•  Master Librarian tool: PCB Librarian Expert calculator shown below
•  Max and min dimensions are entered from data sheet and the calculator makes the perfect part.
•  The Librarian Expert tool will output in most CAD formats.

IPC naming convention IPC 7351
•  Example: This QFN would be called    QFN50P500X400X80-29N
•  (QFN   0.5mm Pitch, 5x4mm body, 0.8mm height , 28pins + thermal,  N for normal size footprint)

Notes made after factory feedback:
PCB Library Expert Tool

Generated 3D models (step files) from PCB Librarian Expert Tool. Can be imported into ProE or Solidworks.
All parts have height attribute.

Pricing for this service is tiered according to parts ordered per month on average.


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