PCB Layout Design Engineering
25 years experience designing high density multi layer PCBs., BGAs, power supply SMPS ( high power 90 amp for IBM servers and low power POL for Dell), test fixtures for Celestica, digital, analog for Logitech (low noise audio op amps for the recording industry, instrumentation amps and measuring circuitry for Intel), and RF for Novellus, Applied Materials.
•  Using for Schematics– Orcad Capture, Pads Logic
•  Using for PCB design- Pads PCB, Allegro, P-cad, Spectra
•  25+ years of experience designing dense PCBs. BGAs, SMPS, Test Fixtures
Digital, Analog, RF circuitry
Design reviews are conducted via PDF review tools [Adobe Acrobat Family]
•  (red line correction tools we provide along with PDF review)
•  Gerber review by Desk top sharing, Team Viewer, Skype

Special note to your engineering team:
We have worked with many engineers over the years and one thing they all have in common is their desire to oversee the progress of the design. Communication is a must for today’s fast paced design cycles. Working in conjunction with Mechanical Engineering is important as well as designing for DFM. Our libraries have been factory tested and IPC approved.

Fabrication and Document Control:
•  Fab notes, drawings and doc control


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