Pricing for Services

PCB Layout Engineer:
$65/hr. or priced by the job. A reduced rate for repeat and consistent customers is available.
  • If priced by the job, board spins are priced by the hr.
EE Engineering:
$100/hr or by the job.
  • If priced by the job, engineering updates are priced by the hr.
  • If we do the engineering  and you use our layout services we will discount the entire project.
  • We can also offer reduced PCB fabrication and assembly services with our partners.
Librarian for Schematic Symbols and CAD Footprints:
By tier level (small, medium, high) requested parts ordered per month.
  • Less than what it would cost you to hire a Librarian.
  • Fast response and DFM experience.
  • IPC approved Librarian tools and IPC naming convention.
DFM Reviews:
  • Priced per requested detail, per PCBA, or Gerber files per Rev


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